Thursday, November 5, 2015

{Gluten and Dairy Free} Apple Nachos

Want a fun treat for a get together? Or something to munch on while you catch up on a favorite show? This is a great idea from Peak 313. I would use sunbutter and leave off the pecans.   This would satisfy that sweet tooth, while easing some guilt. I have found that if you soak apples in a soda like sprite that has lime, they will not go brown, and it won't change the flavor. If you are making this in advance for a game or what not, the sprite might be a good idea to keep it fresh until company arrives.
photo from Peak 313

♦ 1-4 apples (depending on how many will be eating)
♦ Toppings: (have fun with these!)
- shredded coconut
- chocolate chips
- peanut butter (almond butter etc)
- sliced almonds
- pecans
- anything else!
Thinly slice your apple. (I use a mandoline) Arrange on a large plate. Top with your favorite goodies! (When I use peanut butter or any nut butter, I warm it up a bit and put it in a small baggie, cut the tip and drizzle. You can do the same with chocolate) Place in the fridge if you have added anything warm so that it hardens a bit. Take out and eat like a nacho after 5 minutes or so!

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