Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Make Gluten Free Gravy "That Actually Tastes Good"

Bon Appetit has this great run down on how to make Gluten Free gravy "that actually tastes good". That is the title of it, which cracked me up a little (that making gluten-free gravy that tastes good sounds like a rare feat).  It's true. Gluten-free can bring quite a variety or results!
photo from Bon Appetit

My favorite way to make good tasting gravy is:

I take 2 TBS of a gluten free flour (such as brown rice or garbanzo) and 2 TBS of a starch (such as corn, tapioca or potato) and mix them with water until it is slightly runny. I add that to my turkey, chicken or beef stock. (sometimes I like to use Pacific Broth) Then like regular gravy you just stir until it is thickened, and add salt and pepper to taste. Yum! I have never had anyone be able to tell the difference between this and "real" glutenous gravy.

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