Friday, November 18, 2016

Review of Follow Your Heart Dressings

Go Dairy Free has this great review of the Follow Your Heart Dressings here. It says that all of their dressings are gluten and dairy free. If that is true, I have been on a new mission. . . to find and try that Blue Cheese Dressing.  As you may know, Blue Cheese is usually grown on gluten bread so people who are very sensitive to gluten usually have a problem with blue cheese even if they don't have a problem with dairy. I have missed blue cheese dressing something fierce, so this is revolutionary! I found it the other day and took it home. I must say it does magically taste like blue cheese dressing. It's not quite as pungent, but I'm not sure that this is a bad thing.  In fact, I would say people that are on the fence about blue cheese dressing are more likely to enjoy it. My kids love it!

photo from Go Dairy Free

Here is their summary, but please go to their website to get the full review (see link above)

"We love the diversity in this line of vegan salad dressings - from oil-free Asian options to organic vinaigrettes to creamy dairy-free alternatives. We've just begun taste-testing and are already in awe of the spot on Bleu Cheese and indulgent Ranch. Both are a bit thicker than expected, but that just ups the value of each bottle!"- Go Dairy Free

I personally have had their Ginger Miso Dressing. It's great on a salad with spinach and green onions. I also used it on some chicken to give it a really nice asian flavor. You can also use it to make coleslaw have an asian twist. The only catch is it does contain soy. 
Follow Your Heart's Website says this about it: "Our Miso Ginger is a breathtaking blend of organic miso, candied ginger, rice wine vinegar, and toasted sesame oil. It adds an exotic twist to salads and goes perfectly on Asian-inspired foods! - See more at:"

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