Sunday, January 3, 2016

Simply One Allergy Friendly Food Based Vitamins

I love these vitamins. Pills often contain additives that can include dairy or gluten. I love that these are made free of the major allergens so you don't have to wonder or try to find out the ingredients. They are also made from real foods, which I love. A naturopath years ago told me that food based vitamins are best because they are absorbed more easily by your body. With some food based vitamins you have to take four pills every day, but this one requires only one.  They are also easy on the stomach. They make Simply One Woman, Simply One Prenatal and Simply One Men 50+, Simply One Men and Simply One Women 50+.  Swanson Vitamins is one of my favorite sites to buy vitamins or supplements from. Go here to find out more. 

This is what the site says about Simply One Women. "Simply One Women from Super Nutrition features a special antioxidant formula and its high-potency B vitamins, your immune system will stay strong and help keep you healthy day after day. Anti-aging power-potencies are vitamin and mineral potencies that science has found deliver the greatest number of health benefits to your body at the lowest cost to you. The increased benefits over lower potency multivitamins will amaze you. Super Nutrition's Simply One Women features high-potency B vitamins, so expect to see improvements in your personal energy. You'll also be surprised at how your natural strength increases and keeps you going all day and into the evening. And with the powerful potencies of brain vitamins like niacin and vitamin B-12, expect to see memory support. And the benefits go further. The potencies provide powerful support for your heart, your bones and your blood sugar levels. Plus, they give you the personal power to cruise through stress and shine in today's high stress world. And, best of all, expect to feel not just good, but great.
This product contains no gluten, wheat, yeast, buckwheat, sugar, pollen, dairy, corn or soy residues or any hidden additives."

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