Monday, March 9, 2015

Good News! Gluten-free Cheerios are Coming!

Gluten-free people have something new to celebrate! According to this post in the Wall Street Journal around July of 2015 Cheerios will be releasing gluten-free cheerios. All of the Cheerios besides the multi-grain do not purposefully use gluten ingredients. However, they contain oats, which can be contaminated with other grains they are grown/processed with making them no longer free of gluten. They have found a way to change that. I wonder if this will be safe for people with celiac disease that are incredibly sensitive. I am assuming that if it is certified gluten free it will be tested to make sure it has less gluten than would give a reaction.  According to the article, " It took the Minneapolis-based company about three years to invent a mechanical filter to take out the gluten grains at its facilities", he [Mr. Murphy] says."

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