Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Red Robin Customizer Menu!

photo from Red Robin's site
I love this new feature from Red Robin!  You can go here, and put in the allergens you want to avoid. It gives you a customized menu telling you what bun you can have, what sauces, what dressings, what to leave off, etc.  I went to Red Robin for my husband's birthday awhile ago. Their rewards program gives you a free burger on your birthday! (and they will sing to you and bring you ice cream).  So, I was looking something up on their website using my phone, when I discovered this great feature. I usually play it safe and get the "Simple" burger, but this time I ventured out and got something totally new. It was super fun, and I wanted to share with you all about this easy way to get what you want there! The last time I went they asked how sensitive I was and offered a separate fryer for my french fries, too!


  1. ooh! we'll have to try red robin next time we travel!
    Ruby Tuesday's was a flop!

    1. That's good to know. I have been to Red Robin a lot and generally have good experiences. Their "seasoning" has soy (and maybe gluten), so I ask to have fries without it and then add my own salt.