Thursday, August 4, 2016

Allergy Friendly Magazines

Want a quick read that comes regularly in the mail to encourage you? Tired of looking at foodie  magazines that you need to swap out all of the ingredients in order to use a recipe? These magazines might be for you. Gluten Free Living here is a magazine that (as you may have gathered) focuses on living without gluten. If you want a magazine that focuses on more than gluten, Living Without might be for you. (go here) I was encouraged by the ideas and recipes they have for dairy free, gluten free dishes. I've even found tips for cooking without eggs.  I had a subscription for a year, and found it really fun. Initially I found it rather depressing to be ordering a magazine called "Living Without". It seemed like the focus was on how pathetically little I could eat! However, when I got it, I found it was filled with encouragement. It made me feel like others were in the same boat. And instead of re-inventing the wheel, it gave me delightful ideas on how to make the best of what I can eat.  I gave a secret subscription to a friend to encourage her as well. This might make a great gift for someone you know who is starting to change their diet!

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