Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saving Money on Your Favorite Allergy-friendly Items

I must have inherited a frugal gene from my grandmother. Saving money is a long time passion of mine. I have shared how some of my favorite ways to save are by stocking up when items are on sale, buying in bulk from Amazon, or buying a case at Whole Foods for 10% off (just make sure you call a few days in advance). On cans of goat's milk (that my son drinks) we save about $4 for every can we order from Amazon compared to buying it locally.

My all time favorite way to save is by writing companies for high value coupons. I bet that half of my excitement is the joy of getting something exciting in the mail. Last week I realized that I hadn't written a company in a long time. So I sat down for 3 minutes and wrote 3 of the companies I love most to praise their product and ask if I could please have some coupons. I just went to their website and clicked on "contact us" or something similar. Today I received all of these beauties in the mail. I must say it felt a little like Christmas. I didn't even know Daiya or Thai Kitchen had coupons. I will keep these in a special place in my purse for the magical moment when I get to use them.  Now if I can just remember I have them, when I really need them! If I can combine it with a sale, it would be even better. It may just be $3.10, but if you consider I "made" over $3.00 in three minutes, that's not bad, right?

What about you? Have you written a company for coupons? What are your favorite ways to save on allergy-friendly foods?

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