Thursday, February 16, 2017

Going Gluten Free?

Or wishing gluten-free was easier? Here are some great tips and encouragement! I definitely think this is worth a read!

Some of the main points are:

  • Buy yourself a good rice cooker.
  • Get good at planning in advance and eating leftovers.
  • Find your local Indian and Asian food stores, or shop online.
  • Plant a vegetable garden.
  • Check out your local library for gluten-free cookbooks to get ideas and recipes if you can't afford to buy them. Online websites and blogs are great too.
  • Make your own all purpose gluten-free flour, avoiding store brought pre-mixes to keep costs down.
  • Be positive! Yes it's hard work, but isn't it worth it if you feel better?

1 comment:

  1. those are SUCH great tips! the only one i haven't done is plant a vegetable garden!