Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FREE (3 meals a week) Membership to Gluten Free Menu Planning Service

I recently signed up for this great meal planning service here. It's called "Food on the Table". For the month of April you get a lifetime membership for free by using code :SPRINGFREE when you sign up. You can choose what kinds of meats you eat, what kind of diet you have including gluten free, low carb, low sodium, vegetarian, etc, and 3 grocery stores near you. You also select what day of the week that you usually shop, and they give you recipes to choose from based on what is on sale this week at these stores you selected. The recipes are rated by stars and you can look at the ingredients before you select them. Once you choose the recipes, it creates a shopping list for you. You can even get an app for your iPhone or Android to take the list to the store with you.  I look forward to finding more recipes and new ways to save money by using this service. It sounds like a huge time saver! This allows you to plan 3 meals per week with the option of upgrading (for a monthly fee).

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