Monday, July 16, 2012

Make Your Own Coconut Yogurt

Would you like to make your own dairy free coconut yogurt?

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(Oops! Sorry, guys. I just put in the correct link. I accidentally had the first one twice!)

I found these recipes  and thought they would work really well.  If you want to make it using fancy yogurt making equipment go here.  To adapt it for your crock pot go here. I'm guessing you could do it just like regular yogurt making in a crock pot except using the first recipe I shared. I would love to do this some day. I would use some acidophilus pills I have as a starter. Right now this is sounding a bit more ambitious than I am up to! I don't have the time for it at this stage in my life, but would love to at some point. Has anyone made dairy free yogurt?


  1. awesome post! so helpful! thanks!

  2. Please let me know if you try it!