Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Extreme Deal on Daiya Cheese

Daiya cheese is $2 off now at Costco until the end of the month. That is three bags for less than $8! You heard me! This is a great time to stock up!

Here is my previous post on Daiya at costco to learn more. A friend  informed me awhile ago that Costco is now carrying Daiya cheese. I did a little happy dance and the next day went straight to Costco. I had a hard time finding it, so I asked my friendly Costo guy. It ended up not being in the refrigerator aisle with the regular cheese, and not in the corner with the specialty cheeses, but in the short refrigerator aisles by the meat. Here at Fred Meyer Daiya cheese is typically about $4.79 per bag.  They come in  three bag packages, which includes two bags of "mozzerella" and one bag of "cheddar".  For awhile I could no longer find the Daiya there, but I recently discovered it's back. Things come and go at Costco, but this is one I really hope it stays now! The savings is amazing! Dairy-free peeps rejoice!

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