Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gluten-free Bread at Subway

Are you wanting to try Subway now that you are gluten free and don't know what to order? Here is an allergen list to help you out.  I had their gluten-free buns when I went there the other day.   They were individually wrapped and tasted pretty amazing. The gal asked me how sensitive I was and if I wanted mine toasted.  I was impressed that they really seem to be trying.  They put it on paper to keep it off of where they use the gluten-ous bread. When I was in Oregon I am pretty sure I asked to look at the ingredients and didn't find any dairy ingredients, but please don't quote me on that. I had a bit of a reaction, but not something severe, so I am guessing I didn't have a lot of dairy.  If you are celiac or super sensitive I'm guessing there may be too much cross contamination, but I must say I was impressed out how people are trained and how they try.   I am sensitive, but am not sure if it was the dairy or gluten cross contamination that got me. I got a little sick, but not horribly sick, so it was limited, for sure.  This is something I have only tried when on a trip, and it's kind of a gamble when you go out anywhere. At least I know that here they have the bread bagged separately and the employees have had some training on it. They also provide gluten free brownies. I must say these are positively delicious! And for what it's worth, I was impressed at how good the bread tasted.  I think my husband *may* have heard me say that I knew I might get sick, but thought it just might be worth it to take the chance and get to have a subway again. There's something about having the familiar back in your life that is a real treat.

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