Monday, August 24, 2015

Amy's Kitchen: The First Vegetarian Drive Thru (with Vegan and Gluten-free Options!)

6 ABC reports on this great breakthrough. Amy's Kitchen that makes the freezer meals that I love is opening a Vegetarian Drive thru in California!  Check out the rest of the article and the video here! Here is their menu. The Huffington Post has this great article about it, too!
photo from the Huffington Post

The crowds have been non-stop during the first week of business at a California fast food restaurant, with a twist. It's a drive-through that is actually good for you.

It is the nation's first organic drive-through restaurant. It has only been open five days and already it is struggling to keep up with demand.

Hungry customers at the new Amy's drive thru were patient and determined to order lunch. The wait is really long. Some said they heard the wait was 20 minutes long.

The line inside the restaurant was almost out the door, all for a chance to try organic, vegetarian fast food.

Kelsea Baraga is trying a veggie Amy burger and brought her mom along to try it too.

"Processed foods definitely are big on my mind. My daughter keeps bugging me about going vegetarian," customer Amy Braga said.

You won't find burgers or fried chicken on the menu, but you will see healthier options such as vegan Mac 'N' Cheese and gluten free pizza.

"The actual demand has been a bit overwhelming," Paul Schiefer from Amy's Restaurant said."

Later the 6 ABC article says. . .

"The food is sustainably grown, including the roof. Employees are paid a living wage with health benefits.

If business stays like this Amy's plans to open other drive-through across the Bay Area."

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