Saturday, December 12, 2015

Make Gluten Free Bread in the Crockpot

What?! I couldn't believe it. A dear friend sent me this link here to this post on how to make gluten free bread in the crockpot. Can I just say it blew my mind? This is revolutionary!  I have to do this as soon as I can! If you try it, I'd love to hear how it goes.

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"The Ingredients.

--one box of 365 Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Mix (Whole Foods) (warning: this contains whey)

--the stuff the box tells you to use---warm water, butter, eggs, enclosed yeast packet

The Directions.

--prepare dough according to the instructions on the box for oven-method.
(I always use hot water with GF baking. The boxes say luke-warm, but I use hot.)

--spray a loaf pan with cooking spray, dump in batter

--put the loaf pan into a 6qt oval crockpot--you don't need to wait for rising time, it will rise in the crock

--prop the lid ajar with a chopstick or spoon

--cover and cook on high for 2-5 hours. This loaf was done right around 3 3/4 hours.
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--remove from pan; let cool before slicing
The Verdict.
Moist, airy, delicious, gluten-free bread. I loved that I could put this on and do a bunch of other things without obsessively checking the oven. I have 3 more boxes in the pantry, and am looking forward to making some more."

On another site here, someone else attempted bread in the crockpot with glorious results. Here was her tip:
"For my third and final attempt, I decided to put a buffer between my pan and the bottom of the Crock-Pot.  Some Crock-Pot bakers suggest crumpled aluminum foil, but I had some canning rings, so I used four of those instead.  I also did not put a spoon to crack open the lid like Stephanie did with her recipe to help it cook more evenly.  Another change I made was to switch to a different pan.  I did not use my regular sized bread pan, but used an oval white Corelle® serving dish I owned.  It was oven safe and the same height as the bread pan, but wider.  My hope was the bread would rise to the top, but not spill over because it had more area in which to spread.  Three hours later I had a beautiful and evenly cooked gluten-free sandwich bread.  I am so excited about this, because it was not difficult once I discovered a good system.  It is less expensive to run my Crock-Pot than my oven, and I can make bread this coming summer and not heat up my kitchen.  Throwing the bread in my Crock Pot is super easy.  I set a timer, walk away and let the Crock-Pot do all the work from raising to baking."

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