Monday, December 14, 2015

What's For Dinner Tonight? Stark Raving Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

We are having pizza with Caesar salad tonight! Yum! This pizza is one of my favorite discoveries in awhile. It's a gluten-free, vegan frozen pizza that you can throw in the oven and have ready in 10-15 minutes. The rice/potato/tapioca based crust has a tomato sauce and Daiya mozzarella on it. We usually buy Applegate Farms pepperoni to put on it with some black olives. It is gluten, dairy, egg and soy free. The crust is fairly thin and crispy when baked. It makes 10-12 slices. I buy mine at PCC and throw them in the freezer for a night when I don't feel like cooking (or want some a fun change of pace).We like to pair it with a nice salad (assuming we are up to cooking that much). I sometimes bake one of these the night before a trip, wrap it in foil and take it on the road for lunch the next day. They cost about 13 dollars per pizza pie. If you haven't tried one, I'd highly recommend it!
I can't get enough of this pizza! I don't know why it is putting this white box here, so I am filling it up!

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