Thursday, June 23, 2016

{Top 8 Free} Breakfast Farm Fresh Hash Delight

I had something like this for breakfast at my new favorite restaurant. I was so delighted that I decided to recreate it. This turned out surprisingly similar and I am thrilled to be able to make it at home. They had Breath of Dragon sauce to put on it.   I must say, I love me some spice, but I got a little carried away. By the time I left I definitely had the breath of a dragon! I am posting this at Allergy Free Wednesdays

Serves 10

5 Potatoes baked
2 Zucchini (cubed)
2 Squash (cubed)
1/2 red onion (cubed)
3 green onions (diced)
2 carrots (sliced)
optional: red pepper cubed

salt and pepper
garlic on potatoes (3 cloves)
2 TBS GF Worcestershire sauce
Pepper to taste (if you can have  soy you can use 1 TBS McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning)
1 TBS brown sugar or pure maple syrup

5 eggs (optional)

1 package bacon cooked (I use Farmland: confirmed to be gluten free)


Rinse and poke the potatoes. Bake them in the microwave for 12 minutes or so until baked through. Cut in cubes. Meanwhile, cook the bacon. I bake mine in the oven at 400F for about 17 minutes until it is browned and crispy.  While that is baking cube and sautee the veggies and onions in a wok or frying pan in extra virgin olive oil. Remove the veggies and fry the potatoes on med-high in extra virgin olive oil until they are nice and browned. Add the veggies back in. Add the garlic, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until heated through. Crumble bacon and add to the mix. If you can have eggs, this goes really well with scrambled eggs on top!


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    1. Thanks, Amy! It'was what we had to eat on my birthday! It was one of the best things I've eaten out in a very long time.