Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Way to Save on Quality Meat/Fish

Main Product Image
photo from Zayon's website
Main Product Image
photo from Zaycon's website.
Looking for a way to cut down the food budget? My friend told me about Zaycon foods, and so I gave it a shot. They have "events" where they are distributing a certain item at different locations all over the US. I ended up buying the chicken and splitting it with my neighbor. They come in wholesale packages, so it's not a small quantity. However, my family ate it up so fast, I think I would do a whole batch next time. So you go here to find out what the event is and what the locations are. You create an account and then commit to buy the meat, fish etc and where you will pick it up (paying securely on-line). When the time/date comes you just arrive at the location and pick it up. Honestly, it felt mysterious going to a random location to get some meat. When I arrived at a church parking lot it was set up like clockwork. They have employees there telling you where to go. They have you get in a line of cars, and put the number of cases you are going to pick up on your car. When you get to the pick up spot, people have you open up your trunk, then they put down plastic bags to protect your car from leakage and load the meat for you.  It was as smooth as can be. Since you have already paid and they have record of your payment, no money switches hand on site. You don't have to get out of your car or anything. Since I have kids, this made it extra desirable. If there is a way to get cheap, quality food without even getting out of my car, I'm all ears. I had not one problem along the way. Judging by my experience I would highly recommend it. Just make sure you have plenty of freezer space or an army coming over for dinner!

They have beef, bacon, chicken, cod, salmon, and honey. 
Zaycon Foods is
— high quality meats and fruits (& more)
— fresh from the best farms in America
— delivered direct by refrigerated truck
— sold in quantity only by the case
— at exceptional wholesale prices
— with secure online ordering
— and convenient local pickup
— at one of our scheduled savings event

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