Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's For Dinner Tonight?

I wrote this post previously for an "Experiment in the Kitchen". Recently, my son was begging me to make the chicken wrapped in prosciutto again. I saw some on sale at the store, and decided to make this again tonight. I'm doing number 3: Chicken wrapped in prosciutto, and GF english muffins with sauteed garlic, zucchini and tomatoes on top. What are you having for dinner?

Here's the post:
This weekend I had one successful experiment, one so-so experiment, and one dud experiment in the kitchen.

chicken wrapped in prosciutto
  1. The bomb was the socca bread here. I don't know what I did wrong (maybe it's because I don't have a cast iron skillet), but it turned into mush. (see photo) no matter how long I cooked it. I'll have to ask my friend what her secrets are. 
  2. The so-so one was dairy free nutella here. I only have a ninja blender and not a vitamix so the texture was gritty instead of creamy. But the taste was spot on. I had to put more oil in it than it said to make it seem moist enough.
  3. I made up a recipe for dinner that turned out well. You take the skin off of chicken breasts, wrap them in prosciutto (kind of like a cross between ham and bacon), drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme. Cook in a sauce pan until golden and cooked through. The other entree was a Food for Life (GF) english muffin smeared with garlic browned in olive oil. Then I piled sauteed zucchini (in garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil), halved cherry tomatoes, and torn bits of fresh basil on top. If it had goat's cheese crumbles on it (which I can't have, much to my shagrin) it would have been just right. 

socca bread

english muffins

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  1. Just saw this Heather. Sorry about the socca bread. I am a little perplexed as I have made this dozens of times with never a bad result. It seems to be one of my more forgiving recipes. And I know what I posted for you was accurate as I often looked it up on your site when I made it. So I am thinking it must be the pan you used. I have always either used my skillet or the stone ware pan from Pampered Chef. Both work great. So if you ever try it again maybe try that pan? :)