Tuesday, February 24, 2015

{Gluten and Dairy Free} Banana Goo Goo

When I was a kid my best friend's mother made this dreamy concoction called "banana goo goo". It uses bananas, chocolate wafer cookies and cool whip.  At long last I have made my own version.  This is gluten  and dairy free and whips up in about 5-10 minutes. No baking required! The cookies contain sugar and soy. They taste exactly like Oreos!! They make a killer mochachino shake!

2 large bananas
1 can coconut milk (whole fat), refrigerated overnight
9 Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Cream cookies (mashed into crumbs)
optional: 2 TBS powdered sugar

Refrigerate the can of whole fat Coconut milk overnight. Slice the bananas in half the long way and then cut in slices.  Take 9 Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Cream cookies, put them in a ziploc and mash them.  Open the chilled can of coconut milk. Skim off the fat that is gelled at the top.  Discard or save the coconut water at the bottom for something else. Put the cream in a bowl and whip with a beater. If you like it super sweet you can mix in the powdered sugar. Put all of them in a bowl and mix. Chill. Eat! Makes a 9x9 pan worth.

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