Friday, February 20, 2015

How Do You Cook Pasta in the Microwave?

A friend was on a trip recently, and was telling me how her hotel didn't have a full kitchen but did have a microwave. She asked if I had ever cooked pasta in the microwave before.  I have not, but found this great tutorial. With gluten free pasta I would add in a little oil. I would also be careful about over cooking the noodles and check it more often than she suggests.  Better to check when it is underdone, and put it in a little longer than have a big pile of rice mush from overdone pasta. Another thing I would do is go for Tinkyada, Jovial, or a GFree pasta that has mixed grains. For example, corn and rice, or quinoa and rice. These pastas are often way more forgiving than just a rice pasta. However, Tinkyada and Jovial are in my experience the most forgiving of the pure rice ones. Has anyone every tried this? I'd love to hear. All you need is some tomato sauce and this could make a fantastic quick hotel meal. This is on my to do list. For directions go here to
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