Monday, April 20, 2015

Lawsuit Filed to Ban Gluten from Medications or For Companies to Have to Declare Gluten in Medications

As you are possibly aware, many medications and drugs contain gluten.  I saw recently in this article from Gluten Free Living that a law suit has been filed(see quote from the article below). This would be wonderful news since right now they don't have to disclose this and it can be a big hidden source of gluten. In the meantime, how do you know if a drug contains gluten? You can call a company, ask a pharmacist or use Cecelia's Marketplace Guide. I love it because it not only tells you foods that are gluten and/or casein free (depending on which book you buy), but it also tells you about over the counter drugs that are gluten free. It isn't all inclusive, so a medication could be gluten free, and not be in the book. However, everything in the book is proclaimed "gluten free".

"A lawsuit seeking a ban on gluten in medications or labels that clearly indicate when a drug contains gluten has been filed against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration."
photo from Gluten Free Living

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