Friday, November 20, 2015

FREE Gluten Free and Wheat Free Guide with Recipes

This set of books is free on Amazon right now. This is subject to change at any time (as all Amazon prices can fluctuate).  From reading the reviews, it sounds like this goes into paleo, raw and gluten free diets and benefits, as well as recipes. It sounds like it really goes into what gluten is, etc, and so this looks like the perfect book for someone who is starting out, or who knows someone who is gluten free and has no idea where to begin when cooking for them. It is also looks like a great book for anyone wanting new recipes or motivation to keep eating this way.

Amazon says, "This boxed set covers everything you need to lead a gluten free and wheat free lifestyle. Tips and recipes included."

A reviewer had this to say about it, "Love that there are so many great recipes in this book. Its great to go thru and be able to find delish food items that are still sweet and taste very much like the gluteny counterparts. Great for celiacs that want sweet stuff and savory and are still learning how to make good gluten free choices!"