Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Torte Without Eggs and Egg Sub Info

I discovered this great gluten free, dairy free Chocolate torte without eggs here. Is it me, or do I post a lot of recipes that involve chocolate?!
The best part is she goes into egg substitutes. She says, "Eggs are one of the hardest ingredients to substitute because they play such critical––and varied––roles in baking. They can be used as:
  1. binding agents (hold ingredients together)
  2. moisturizers (add moisture)
  3. leavening agents (make things rise) in baking.
And, it gets more complicated. Egg yolks and egg whites play separate roles in baking. The lecithin in egg yolks emulsifies ingredients, that is, it blends ingredients together that would not ordinarily blend––such as water and oil––and produces smooth, creamy textures.
Egg whites, on the other hand, are the actual leavening component of eggs. They make soufflés or angel food cakes light and airy. Knowing all this, you can see why the standard “fix” in gluten-free baking is to add another egg to the recipe.
My Favorite Egg Substitutes
I’ve tried several egg substitutes, but my favorite egg-free substitutes― which not only bind, but add moisture, are either soft silken tofu or flax seed––with puréed fruits such as applesauce, pears, or prunes, my next favorite. Tofu makes baked goods moist, with an appealing texture. The natural pectins in fruits, especially prunes, trap air which helps “lighten” baked goods. Since prunes are dark-colored, this egg-substitute works best in chocolate (such as brownies) or spice items (such as gingerbread).
However, for certain recipes ―like this Chocolate Fudge Torte―I use egg-replacer powder which is very easy to use. The moisture comes from the pureed pears and coffee and the cake is rich and dense―a trait I like in chocolate desserts, especially this one.
Egg replacer powder acts as a leavening agent in addition to the baking soda and baking powder. The pureed pears add much of the moisture, and are also the primary binding ingredient. If you prefer to use eggs, substitute two large eggs in place of the 1/3  cup hot coffee and egg replacer. This cake can be made ahead, frozen, and kept on hand for last-minute entertaining. It’s great with a chocolate sauce or perhaps fresh raspberries…or both!"
  • When baking without eggs, use honey as part of the sweetener to help bind the ingredients a bit as well as add moisture. Honey is a humectant and holds moisture in baked goods.
  • Instead of applesauce or puréed prunes as a binder or moisturizer, try using baby food, such as Gerber’s 1st with no fillers. To make applesauce more effective, drain it for 30 minutes before using (discard liquid).
  • Generally speaking, egg-free baked goods raise less and have a denser texture than those made with eggs. For examples, egg-free cakes―like this Chocolate Fudge Torte―will have a texture closer to pound cake than sponge cake, but still be delicious." -From the (see link)

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