Saturday, December 24, 2016

Gluten Free Wrap Ideas

I love this post here at Wraps are so great for dinner, as well as on a trip or in a lunchbox. The photos come from her super cool blog. Here's what she says:
"Wraps are a lovely way to change things up in a lunchbox.  They look cool, provide a bit of novelty, and taste great!

Your wrap options:
  1. Brown rice tortillas – To use these, heat a 1/2 teaspoon of oil in a pan over medium heat.  Turn tortilla once, this makes them pliable and very tasty!  Do not short-cut this tep or they will crack and break.
  2. Gluten free flour tortillas.    My favorite tortilla recipe I have tried is over at Lexie’s Kitchen (picture at right).  Cybel Pascal also has one.
  3. Corn tortillas
  4. Teff tortillas
  5. Rice paper wrappers – Asian section of most grocery stores
  6. Lettuce leaves (iceberg, readleaf, green leaf, butter, napa cabbage are all good options)
  7. Nori – I prefer toasted and this seaweed used for sushi applications is found in almost all Asian sections.
Here are 10 different wrap ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
  • The Orig:  Chipotle cream cheese (pureed chipotle peppers in adobo sauce mixed w/ allowed cream cheese to taste), romain lettuce, turkey slices, slice of crispy bacon.
  • Tuna Hummus Humdinger:  favorite hummus (we use a spicy version), tuna salad(we just mix tuna w/ a bit of mayo and mustard), Romain lettuce, pickled jalapeno slices.
  • Holey Guacamole!  Guacamole, ham, peeled cumber
  • Beaneriffic: Refried beans, favorite cheese, rice, lettuce, avocado, tomato or salsa
  • Asian Salad RollsFavorite veggie saute wrapped within a rice paper wrapper along with some chicken or tofu. (at right)
  • Eggtastic: Egg salad, romaine lettuce, pimentos, red peppers, pickles
  • BLT:  Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and some mayo!
  • Medditerrean: Goat Cheese, olives, red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and favorite deli meat or salami
  • Italian: Salami or pepperoni slices, allowed mozzarella, onion, lettuce, marinated artichokes
  • Grilled Veggie:  Marinate some favorite veg (summer squash, mushroom, eggplantpeppers, etc)Grill it all up, and wrap it up with some cheese, cooked rice,  or both!


  1. what a great post! those are some great ideas! thanks for sharing!

  2. I think she really knocked it out of the park! Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you found it helpful.

  3. just what I need to get over that picnic basket dilemma! Thank-you!!!!!!!!

    1. @ingodslove- I thought you'd like this. ;0)