Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gluten-Free and/or Dairy Free Restaurants

Tired of slaving away over a hot stove most of the day? If you are like me, and have to make many things from scratch taking a break from the kitchen sounds heavenly. The best site I have found to help find gluten-free restaurants in Seattle is this one here.
These are a few of my favorites that I will write more on later.Image result for spaghetti factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory
I usually order gluten free pasta and marinara with chicken.  I ask for no mizithra cheese.  They have a gluten free menu.

PF Changs
They have a gluten free menu.  Most things are dairy free as well,but I confirm it with the waitress.  You can ask for more vegetables. They often don't have much vegetables in their dishes.

Image result for pf changs
Wild Ginger
I use their gluten free menu and ask about dairy.

Thai Siam
They have an extensive gluten free menu. I ask them about dairy and peanuts.

Red Robin
I use their customizer menu here that tells about allergens. I usually order a simple burger in lettuce or a gfree bun. I ask for my fries to be cooked in a designated fryer, and to not have red robin seasoning on them.

Jamjuree Thai
You need to ask them if they can make different things gluten free and the waitress can tell you. It's been awhile since we've been there, but we enjoy phad thai without peanuts, phad pug, their fried rice, cashew chicken and garlic chicken.
Full Tilt (dairy free ice cream!) They have a variety of vegan flavors clearly marked. It changes regularly.
Molly Moons (more dairy free ice cream!) They usually have a sorbet and a vanilla chocolate chip. I prefer the chocolate chip.

Outback Steakhouse-  They have a gluten free menu. I ask about butter and they usually can use oil instead.  I have steak or chicken with a salad with oil and vinegar and the steamed veggies. I have a plain baked potato.

Bonefish Grill-They are owned by the same people as the Outback, I believe. I ask for their gluten free menu and they usually ask in the back what they can make dairy free. I ask to not use butter because I'm that sensitive. The waitress will come back and let me know what I can have. I haven't been in there in years, but I love their food. I usually have fish or chicken with a salsa like thing on top.
I just noticed most of these involve Thai food. Hmmmm. . . .


  1. this is so helpful!!!! Can you write more some time about what to order at each place?
    um, Thai food I guess;)