Friday, September 7, 2012

Review of So Delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream

NOTE: I noticed they have coupons on their site here!

What? All you have to do is say cookie dough ice cream and I'm all in. Back in the day, when I was in high school (and we just discovered Ben and Jerry's), I remember eating a pint of it every day during a camping trip with a friend. We didn't even gain a pound. Those were the days. To make your own cookie dough  ice cream go here. To see this review and her wonderful website go here.

This review is from one of my favorite cook book authors, "Go Dairy Free". This is what Alisa Fleming has to say about So Delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

"There is only one dessert that I love more than dairy-free ice cream, and that’s cookie dough. The two together? Sheer bliss. I can always count on So Delicious Dairy Free to come out with a good quality product, and their vegan cookie dough ice cream is no exception.
In all honesty, the ice cream portion was good … smooth and creamy texture that was rich and luxurious on the tongue. But both Tony and I felt the coconut vibe wasn’t a 100% fit with the cookie dough. It didn’t detract from it one bit, but the two didn’t completely meld. If So Delicious were able to make the ice cream base taste a little more vanilla than coconut, then I would proclaim this vegan ice cream to be “perfect.”
Fortunately, the cookie dough portion was not only scrumptious, but also generous. HUGE gobs of gluten-free cookie dough were abundantly scattered throughout this So Delicious pint. Tony said he could have eaten a bowl of the cookie dough portion alone.
If you avoid soy-based foods, this may or may not be the gem you’ve been seeking. It is a *mostly* soy-free frozen dessert, however, it does contain that wee bit of soy lecithin and soy oil.
For my budget, the price is a touch luxurious, but really, so is this ice cream. I think it is worth it for a treat, and I expect that I will be popping this So Delicious pint into my shopping cart very soon."

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