Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review of Menchie's

I discovered Menchie's this last September. A friend was raving about it and we decided to go check it out. I felt silly that it had taken me so long to discover this place. For those of you that haven't been there, they have frozen yogurt machines that you can use to serve yourself. There are little cups available if you want to try a flavor. When you go to get your ice cream they have really large cups/dishes you can grab.  There are usually a couple of dairy free options. On the machine itself it says if it contains dairy. 

One word of caution, however, for my dairy free peeps. Sometimes when we go in they have coconut ice cream sharing a machine with a non-dairy ice cream. Each flavor has a spout and then there is one in the middle that swirls the two flavors together. Since coconut milk is often used to make dairy free ice cream, one time (in my preoccupation with getting an eager and demanding three year old the frozen yogurt) I missed that the one side of the same machine was a dairy coconut flavor, not dairy free. Fortunately,I figured it out before we ate it, but unfortunately it meant we had to chuck a lot of amazing ice cream.  So, if you go there for dairy free ice cream, pay special attention to the signs and make sure both in the same machine are dairy free.  

After you dish up the yogurt you can add candy,sprinkles, nuts, sauces or berries on top. My kids love this part. I stick with fresh berries, which is plenty fun. If you are super sensitive, this place may have enough cross contamination that you would have a problem. However, if you are dairy or lactose intolerant, and can handle a little cross contamination this place is a gem. My son is quite sensitive to dairy, but handles this just fine. When you get up to the counter they weigh your container and you pay based on the weight. The one we go to is always busting with people, even on a cold winter's day. I must say, I totally get it. Frozen yogurt with fun toppings is a huge hit for young and old alike!

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