Friday, May 1, 2015

Candy I want to Try

Go Dairy Free gives this great review of these chocolate candies. I am really craving some. Easter Baskets? Stocking Stuffers?Go Dairy Free is my favorite source of the latest dairy free ideas and recipes! Contains: soy

Here is her summary:


It was a strong like, not a love when I tasted the Vanilla Chocolate-Covered Cocomels, which had more ever-present coconut notes and somehow a slight fruity essence. And I'm admittedly not much of a coffee fanatic. But JJ won me over when I sunk my teeth into that tender, chewy Sea Salt version. That touch of ocean goodness escalated the key caramel flavors, allowing the high notes to assert themselves with delicious decadence while melding beautifully with the semi-sweet chocolate robe.

Photo from Go Dairy Free

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