Friday, July 17, 2015

Experiments in the Kitchen-part II

Three things I discovered that are life changing.:

1) Duck Eggs in the fabulous gluten free waffles here. Let's just say I wouldn't feel one bit sorry for my gluten loving guests if I served them these GF,DF waffles with duck eggs. They tasted like the real thing, and  I may have tolerated them better than chicken eggs.

2) Soy-Free Vegenaise here. This mayo sub that is dairy free, soy free, and egg free has been wonderful in salmon salad sandwiches,  goes really well in salad dressings and makes me not miss real mayo one single bit. You may notice I use it in a lot of recipes. I would say it tastes more like sour cream than mayo so I use it that way. I bought a jar at PCC for $5-$6. It's lasted me for quite awhile. Go here for a coupon.

3) Coconut Aminos for a Soy Substitute here. They were right. It goes well in asian dipping sauces or stir fry sauces. It is more pricey than chicken broth and salt (what I usually use) but has great flavor. I love to use it when making thai food. It definitely is more sweet and less salty than soy sauce, but without soy, wheat or one single thing to worry about.

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