Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Encouragement and Helpful Tips for Allergy-free Peeps

Ever have one of those no good dirty rotten days, where you are tired of not being able to eat  "regular food" and want to give up? Ever have a low point where you wonder if all of this cooking, and expensive specialty food is really worth it? I confess, I have gone through periods where I have had these days on a regular basis. It's been awhile, but today was one of those days.  Thankfully at the end to a bad day I found tons of mouthwatering recipes on the internet and this article from here that was super encouraging. They have a lot of encouragement for those who are going gluten free, or those who are changing their diet to exclude foods in general.

It's called "25 ways to Eat Well and Stay Healthy on the Gluten Free Diet."
They start it off with this,which I thought was well put:
"It isn’t always easy to adjust to
the gluten-free life. But there are
commonsense ways to make it
much simpler. These tips will
help you love gluten-free living."

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