Saturday, April 9, 2016

Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Egg Rolls

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I discovered these egg rolls at PCC in the fall.  I can't say how much I have missed egg rolls. So, I brought them home, put them in the oven as directed and served with a coconut aminos sauce with rice vinegar and red pepper flakes. These egg rolls are crispy on the outside just like they should be. On the inside they have a great mix of finely cut veggies. The perfect combination. They are made by a woman that has celiac and her chef husband. You can tell whoever made them has amazing abilities, because they are possibly some of the best egg rolls that I have ever eaten, gluten free or otherwise. I have given them to people that eat wheat and they can't tell the difference. You only get 3 in the box which is a bit disappointing, however the taste still makes it worth it. They end up being about $1- $1.50 per egg roll. I must say these are quite dreamy.  If you can have eggs or soy, I would say these are a must in your freezer. I don't think you will be disappointed! They are gluten, dairy, nut and peanut free. They contain soy and eggs.
Chicken Dumpling Nutrition FactsThis is what their site has to say about them. "Our vegetable egg rolls are packed with vegetables, mung bean noodles and ginger. They are hearty and great as an appetizer or meal." Even better, they have a recipe index on their website of free gluten free recipes! This is definitely worth checking out!

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