Friday, August 12, 2016

Allergy Friendly Beer and Wine

As you may know typically beer is made from barley which contains gluten. Here is an article at that explains the different grain proteins that are known as "gluten" and how this pertains to beer. Bard's Tale Beer and Redbridge are both kinds of beers made without gluten. If you like to make a recipe with beer or have a cold one every once in a while, these are some great options. Go here to read more about Bard's Tale and here to read more about Redbridge.

If you are avoiding eggs or dairy VEGAN wine might be important to you. Sometimes in the refining process casein (dairy) protein and egg are used to refine it. This might not be a big deal if you aren't very sensitive. However, if you are, this may be something you find interesting. A number of recipes I use call for wine, and it's an ingredient that can really "make" the dish. One of my greatest sensitivities is to the casein protein so this was helpful for me. Here is a site that goes through which wines are vegan and which ones are not.

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