Tuesday, October 25, 2016

List of Gluten Free and Dairy Free Halloween Candy

Celiac.org has this great list of Gluten Free candy for your Halloween/ Harvest time pleasure. Check it out! Note: they are gluten free, but not necessarily casein or dairy free. Tootsie Rolls are NOT dairy free.

Dairy free candy lists and recipes for making your own can be found at Go Dairy Free. This is a goldmine! I would highly suggest checking it out. Here are her tips, that I think are fabulous!

From Go Dairy Free:

"Dairy-Free Halloween Tips

Also, the following includes additional tips, warnings, and ideas to help your child safely enjoy some dairy-free candy and other Halloween treats:
1) Many food allergy moms stock “safe” candies and chocolates at home (see my recommended list for some potential chocolates for your little one) and they swap out the “bad” candies for an assortment of safe ones when their child returns home.
2) Those miniature versions of full-sized candy packages and candy bars may actually possess different ingredients or be made in a different facility than their larger cousins. So don’t assume they are safe even if you are used to sharing the regular-sized candies with your little one. Check the ingredients!**
3) Another food allergy mom trick is to deliver “safe” candies to a few friendly neighbors, so that they can give those treats to your child.
4) Half of the Halloween fun is playing dress up! Once they’ve donned their best costumes your child can help greet trick-or-treaters while enjoying their own allergy-friendly treats at home.
5) Make some homemade dairy-free candy; your child may even enjoy the process of helping out. Some great recipe options are:"  go here for the recipes!

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