Thursday, January 30, 2014

PCC Market

When I first changed my diet I lived in a rural area. There were a couple of stores there to choose from that had a small and expensive selection of allergy-friendly products. I did what I could to make the best of it and eek by. When I moved to "the big city" I decided to go to PCC market to see what the buzz was about. I went into this well organized, bright, cheerful and clean store filled chock- full of stuff I could eat. I felt like I had landed in paradise. In no time at all I found hundreds of products that I hadn't even known existed. They even let you try deli foods before you buy them. Each deli selection lists the allergens it contains. After a few samples and a quick jaunt down some aisles, all I could think of was, "Where have you been all of my life?!" The staff was friendly and very helpful. They label things that are "kid approved" making it easy to find things for kids changing their diets, and they even allow each child to take a free piece of fruit each time you go. I love that! Not to mention that they even have cooking classes and  cooking summer camps for children. The place was magical, especially after living in an gluten-free desert. It was a new store and they were having membership sign ups where you can get a monthly coupon for 10% off, after paying a one time fee. I still remember calling my husband and telling him how amazing it was. I told him that I was so enthralled with the place that I hadn't even blinked before getting the lifetime membership. Many years later, I am so glad I did! If you haven't been to a PCC market, I'd highly suggest it! They have so much to offer and truly are quite magical.

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