Monday, April 27, 2015

{Gluten and Dairy Free} Menu Planning Service

Do you want someone to do the meal planning for you?  Do you want meals that are gluten, dairy and headache free?  I recently discovered this interesting menu planning service. It is for people that are gluten, dairy and corn free.  She gives you recipes based on what you sign up for and then all you have to do is make them.  This could make your life so much easier. She even gives options if there is nut/soy in the recipe. If anyone tries this, I'd love to hear what you think! (photos from her site). This would be a great gift for someone changing their diet or someone who just had a baby or is going through a stressful season.
This is what her ad says:

 Are you:
• Overwhelmed living the gluten free lifestyle,
never mind adding dairy and corn to it?! 
• Concerned about the cost?
• Don't know which products taste good?
• Don't know how to cook or don't like cooking?
• Have fear of being in pain?

Let me help you:
  1. Reduce your anxiety.
  2. All meals are planned, recipes included and shopping list included for that week.
  3. Keep your expenses down.
  4. I did this lifestyle while on food stamps! By planning all 3 meals and dessert, you know what                   your food expenses are. No surprise trips to the store later in the week.
  5. You benefit from my mistakes! I lost over $100,000 on gross products my first 2 years.
  6. All recipes are kid tested and husband approved!
  7. All recipes are easy to prepare. No difficult techniques.
  8. My 7 year old & 16 year old helped with all in-kitchen testing preparation.
  9. No pain here!
  10. All recipes are gluten, corn and dairy free. Options are also given if nuts/soy are in recipe                         and need to be adjusted out.


Order now and get your first month

Absolutely  Free!

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