Monday, September 21, 2015

Amazing Non-dairy Ice Cream in Seattle

One day I googled the words "vegan ice cream seattle" and my life soon became way more amazing. I discovered a little hole in the wall ice cream shop that makes ice cream out of coconut milk. They have dairy ice cream flavors and then vegan ice cream flavors. This works out well because my kids and I have four flavors of vegan ice cream to choose from, and my husband can have dairy ice cream at the same time. Some vegan flavors are maple, ube ( a filipino `sweet potato), chocolate chip cookie dough (gluten free), pina colada sorbet, blackberry sorbet, chocolate mint, and cinnamon chocolate. It is so creamy, and reminds me of soft serve at Dairy Queen except with unique flavors. The dairy ice cream is also home mixed with interesting flavors like Thai Tea and Mango Chili. The most amazing part is the cost. The kid's size is just about equal to two scoops at Baskin Robbins. It costs $2.50 with a sugar cone. The adult serving is two of these large servings together. We're talking a crazy amount of ice cream. And it's only $3.50. If you are able to eat gluten you can even have a homemade waffled cone for $0.50 more. To find out locations in Ballard and the U-district head over here

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